Rosalie Guillem on Coming to the USA and Starting Her Own Business

Rosalie Guillem, and her daughter Audrey Saba, came to America from France, leaving behind their lives and loved ones. In 2009, they took another big risk - starting a business during the height of the Great Recession. It was a leap of faith, but one that paid off in the end. Le Macaron now has fifty units open, with over seventy locations awarded and more on the way. What is the secret to Rosalie's success? She says it's all about the attitude.

"A leader should remain positive and passionate about what they are doing – they need to motivate people with their resilience and hard to understand every aspect of the business." - Rosalie Guillem

She also believes it is important to have a strong support network, as she does with her family. When she wanted to give up, her husband and loved ones continued to push her, to which she attributes part of the great success of Le Macaron. The French pastry franchise had a slightly rocky start, from its inception in the recession to the limited business knowledge of its founders. However, Rosalie emphasizes the importance of asking questions and being willing to learn. She hopes to be able to impart her wisdom onto other business owners, whether that be franchises or not. 

"We should be sharing knowledge to help people reach their goals and become the best versions of themselves. When I started Le Macaron French Pastries company, I was desperate to find someone who had the business experience I lacked and now I’m paying it forward and sharing what I know with others who have the same dream." 

Le Macaron French Pastries is now operating in nine states, and is available for expansion in forty-four states. The different business models come in a cafe, cart, and kiosk, and range in price.

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