French Macaron Franchise

Le Macaron offers franchise opportunities through mobile food carts

The impetus behind the French-inspired patisserie Le Macaron was a personal one. Rosalie Guillem was trying to coax her daughter Audrey to move from France to Florida. When the time came to take the leap, the two decided to start a business together, one that banked on something the French excelled in—specifically, sweets.

At the time, the French macaron (not to be confused with the coconut-laden macaroon) was just beginning to catch fire, and the mother-daughter team spied an opportunity to lead the trend. With Audrey’s husband serving as the founding pastry chef, Le Macaron opened its first store in Sarasota, Florida, in 2009. It now has about 50 franchised locations across the country, from California and Arizona to Texas and New York.

“Our products are small and can easily be eaten on the go, so a mobile food cart aligns directly with our brand. This will only accelerate our growth as we welcome a new group of franchisees looking to enter the fast-casual industry,” Guillem says.

(Original article published in Bake Magazine)

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