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Le Macaron French Pastries' Marketing Director, Angel Santiago, sat down with Cristina Merrill of 1851 to discuss the support we provide our Franchise Owners and why we're currently looking for more Franchise Owners, especially in larger cities.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is how we support our Franchise Owners throughout the entire process of Franchise Ownership - from the start of your entrepreneurial journey to your store's Grand Opening and beyond, we are always by your side. For Angel, though, if he had things his way he would find a way to multiply himself so that he could spend even more time and communicate even more than he already does with our Franchise Owners.

A major part of this is because Angel started out as a Franchise Owner with Le Macaron French Pastries, in 2014. Angel knows, firsthand, how important support and communication is for a Franchise Owner. Since taking over as Marketing Director in 2016, in addition to being in charge of brand presence, social media, and website development, Angel has been working closely with our Franchise Owners. Angel understands that each Franchise Owner has different, individual needs, and he makes a point to focus on these needs and help guide them through the entire Franchise Process. This includes monthly visits to our Headquarters in Sarasota, Florida, and individual visits to Franchise Locations that have made specific help requests.

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