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Have you ever dreamed of owning a dessert franchise but you lack baking skills? Well, with Le Macaron, all your dreams can come true! We are the only bakery franchise that offers premium, delicious baked goods to our customers with the same consistent quality every single day. How are we able to do this? By doing all the baking ourselves! When we opened Le Macaron, we wanted to preserve the authentic French flavour of our famous cookie, the macaron. That is why the only one who bakes our French delicacy is head chef Didier Saba. Didier is an expert in French pastry and he is the genius behind all of our delicately delicious macarons and the other sweets featured on our menus. Customers go crazy for our dessert franchise because they know that our menu items will have the same top quality taste every single time they visit us.

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Customers aren’t the only ones who go crazy for Chef Didier’s french pastries - our franchise owners love him too! When you own a Le Macaron cookie franchise, half of the work is already done for you. All of our cookies and other pastries are baked in one location and then sent out to the various Le Macaron locations daily. This means that as a Le Macaron Bakery Franchise Owner, you won’t ever have to worry about baking. Your employee base will be smaller since you won’t need to staff an entire kitchen and you won’t have to worry about possible kitchen accidents. Additionally, your start up costs will be much lower than in comparison with other bakery franchises because there is no need for expensive kitchen equipment. Profit wise, this means that you can expect a much faster ROI than you would with other bakery franchise investments.

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On average, Le Macaron cookie franchise owners make $473,877 annually. This high profit opportunity is booming as the bakery cafe segment is growing twice as fast as all other fast casual restaurants. In fact, the retail bakery industry currently accounts for $35 billion annually. Le Macaron has taken advantage of this fast growing industry with quality and consistent baked goods as well as alternative menu options like gluten-free, preservative free and low-calorie. These menu options means there's always something for everyone on the menu, particularly the ever growing health conscious consumer basis. With Le Macaron, you’re guaranteed a sweet chance at success.

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Are you excited about this high success, no bakery experience needed, bakery franchise opportunity? You’re not alone! Our low risk, high reward opportunity is hard to ignore and we receive numerous investment requests from hopeful franchisees. However, we are particular about who we choose to join our team. We are looking for business savvy individuals who are passionate about growth. If you think you’ve got what it takes to join our successful cookie franchise, contact us today. We are excited about growing with determined individuals!

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