Le Macaron: the Best Dessert Franchise

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Le Macaron: the Best Dessert Franchisel

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A dessert franchise capitalizes on America’s sweet tooth. From cookies and cakes to donuts and sweet coffees, it is no question as to whether American consumers enjoy sugar or not. If you are looking to join the franchise industry, you should consider the various dessert franchises available. A dessert franchise is a preferred choice because it often involves much less equipment, costs, and work than a fast food style franchise. Le Macaron is a cookie franchise that is leading the dessert franchise industry with delicious French pastries and sweet, sweet success for Franchise Owners. The retail bakery industry is a $30 billion economic powerhouse and the Le Macaron dessert franchise tops the industry with an average of $473,877 in annual location sales. Numbers like this are phenomenal for the dessert industry. How is Le Macaron able to achieve such success? With delicious cookies, of course!

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Recognized many times, Le Macaron French Pastries is committed to bringing the highest quality service and products to the public.


The Sweetest Cookies In The Industry

Le Macaron was founded with the intention of preserving the delicious, authentic flavor of traditional French macarons so that the American consumer could enjoy them for generations to come. Often, dessert franchises and other food based franchises forgo flavor and quality in favor of cutting costs. Unfortunately, this bodes poorly for the consumer who ends up purchasing a processed, mystery ingredient, bad tasting menu item when all they wanted was a sweet treat. At Le Macaron, our number one priority is baking delicious, authentic macarons and French pastries. We never cut costs on ingredients because quality ingredients are what make a quality cookie. Customers continue to come to our cookie franchise because they know they can trust the quality and taste of our menu items. This consistent quality is what has allowed us to achieve so much success in the dessert franchise industry.

We take consistency one step further with our head chef Didier Saba. Each and every one of our pastries are baked on site by Didier and then sent out fresh to all Le Macaron locations. By maintaining control over the pastry process, Didier is able to confirm quality and consistency for all macarons. Additionally, this means less work for Franchise Owners! Since Didier takes care of all the baking, you and your staff will never need to worry about making cookies. That means that the investment for Le Macaron is dramatically lower than that of competitor dessert franchises because you won’t need to cover any build out costs for a kitchen or expensive baking equipment. For as low as $90,350, you could own your very own Le Macaron cookie franchise!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Le Macaron Dessert franchise

As part of the Le Macaron team, you’ll get to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your wallet! With our nearly half a million dollar average in unit sales, this dessert franchise is something to be excited about. We are looking for business savvy individuals who are passionate about success to join our team. No baking necessary.

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